Bizoneo is a Leading Provider of Business Software Solutions

Our solutions are designed to match your business requirements and evolve with your organisation

Bizoneo for GDPR

Data Protection

& Compliance

Solutions to document the evidence required to comply with data protection and privacy legislation (GDPR, POPI, etc.) and standards (ISO27001, etc.).

Client Management Solutions


Client managemnt solutions assist organisations in easing how they do business: a range of core business activities (finding new clients), back-office (administration) & support.

Solutions to ease collaboration


Organisations choose to work with Bizoneo because

We help organisations

  • To focus on adding value, provided by today's innovation - rather than the technology behind it
  • To use IT to its full potential to increase your organisation's efficiency
  • To comply with EU data handling legislation especially with regards to data transfers. Bizoneo is developed and hosted in Ireland (EU), but can also be installed on-premises or in private clouds

We offer value for money

  • Multiple editions to meet the requirements of a range from SMEs to Corporates
  • Feature rich solution with weekly updates and in-house support team
  • Leverage existing technology as it runs on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones, anywhere
  • Over 20 years experience in software development

We respect people's privacy

  • We only process the minimum amount of data to fulfill our contract with your organisation
  • No tracking cookies
  • No invasive technology
  • No data sent to the GAFAM (acronym for google, amazon, facebook,apple, microsoft)